What are Different Massage and Treatments Offered at Orchard SPA?

Is your body being fatigued and lethargic? Are you the one who is tired and needs an extra break for your body to come to its actual posture? Then you must try a refreshing and soothing massage with a variety of treatments given to your body for relaxation and energizing. You have got a one-stop solution at Orchard Spa! A successful visit to the spa follows opting for the right treatment. Getting a good massage including full body massage and facial massage provides you with ultimate relaxation and comfort but there are many types of massages and treatments particularly for skin issues and body ailments.Spa treatments are combined with stress-relieving body massages to elevate your senses and release your stress, doubts and worries. They involve the use of lotions, scrubs and special hot stones to release your body tension. They offer you a luxurious experience of massages by providing you with wide beds in private rooms. The treatments and massages are followed by a refreshing body shower that releases your tension.

Following are the types of massages and treatments offered at Orchard Spa.

  • Massages:
  • Javanese body massage:

This is a healing massage in which pushing and stroking techniques are used. This allows energy to flow throughout your body thus helping you release tension, anxiety, stress, strain and body aches from your body. The massage allows your body to calm down the tired muscles, strengthens and improves blood flow inside the body, helps in reducing stress and helps in draining your lymphatic system.

  • Swedish-fusion body massage:

It is a Western classic massage and It consists of conventional anatomy and physiology in its process. It offers long strokes with kneading and tapping providing you with good relaxation. It best suits those who want a break from their senses and enjoy this luxurious and sensuous massage. Its main benefit is that it reduces anxiety, stress and depression. It promotes healthy sleep. It stimulates the blood flow and thus relaxes the mind and other senses.

  • Lymphatic drainage body massage:

It is a rejuvenating, detoxifying and stress-relieving massage. This massage works on removing remnant cells and toxins from the body through the lymph nodes. By doing this, your body’s swelling is reduced because your body gets detoxified. It boosts your cell regeneration which boosts up your immune system.

  • Aromatherapy:

It’s a healing, relaxing and calming technique. How it is done? It is a composition of smell, touch and sound that energizes your mind and body to the next level. Many types of essential oils are combined by their masseuses to help release all the tension in your mind and body. As all the massages help you reduce anxiety, stress and tension this technique offers you. As it relaxes the mind and other senses, it helps improve your sleep too.

  • Deep tissue or sports body massage:

This massage technique provides you with healing, invigoration and stimulation. This is a specially designed sports massage that is practiced by the master masseuses who perform this massage with the help of their palms, fingertips and knuckles to remove blockages along the meridians of the body that stimulate blood flow and provide healing within. This massage helps in releasing tension and muscle stiffness. It increases flexibility. It improves posture and physical performance in sportsmen. This massage helps in dealing with pain.

  • Deep slimming body massage:

This is an energizing massage that speeds up fat and water loss. Many massage techniques are involved in this therapy to deal with the fats present in connective tissues and release all of them through lymphatic drainage. The pressure applied is large so it may be considered as an aggressive massage therapy in Orchard Spa. It reduces excess cellulite. As it burns down fat deposits it helps in improving blood circulation. Also improving muscle flexibility.

  • Pre-natal body massage:

It is good for expectant mothers to go through this massage from second to third trimesters. The masseuses use a blend of essential oils that are specially made for pregnancy that help reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve blood circulation which is very important for mothers. For the comfort of mothers, they are asked to lie sideways. This massage helps them reduce back and joint pain. It improves blood circulation and reduces muscle tension and headaches. As the blood circulation is improved so are the oxygen levels in the soft tissues and muscles are improved.

  • The treatments:
  • The luxurious all-in-one:

This stress-relieving treatment process involves the use of an exfoliating scrub that cleanses and revives your skin. It is followed by a decadent body mask that shifts your body into a relaxing state. After a shower, they will provide you with a 60-minute body massage at your convenience and choice. The ingredients are 98% natural and they help in detoxifying your body. It exfoliates your body’s skin and refreshes your senses.

  • Island coconut:

It is a nourishing, calming and relaxing massage treatment and involves natural ingredients which deeply condition your skin and don’t leave a heavy finish. The treatment and rich but lightweight which will leave you energized. It’s best for dry skin types and brightens the skin along the way.

  • Hot-stone massage:

This is a very relaxing, calming and energizing treatment. The hot-stone massage is specially designed for your anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. These are specially selected stones that dissolve your tensions and stress and melt strain, pain, and body aches away. Thus improving your blood circulation. The heat generated from hot stones penetrates the skin and gives you a soothing feeling. As it improves blood circulation, it reduces muscle tension and pain in the body. It revitalizes your senses hence reducing anxiety and stress.

  • The conclusion:

It is a good thing to research spas beforehand to get a chance to choose the best one according to your needs. Go for those spas that have good reviews and higher ratings and that you can easily find at Orchard Spa.

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