How to Start a Baking Side Hustle?

If I call a side hustle the modern form of a hobby, it will not be wrong. Yes, a side hustle may be something different than your hobby based on your goals, but mostly it is the extension of a hobby. Baking as a side hustle is one of those examples in which people love baking and make money.

There is no bigger addiction than making money from the activity you actually love doing. If you struggle with starting a baking hustle, it may be the best guide for you. I will explain the important areas of baking to help you start your profitable side hustle.

How to Start Baking Side Hustle – The Business

According to a report, the market size of side hustle has reached $2.58 trillion. And, 50% of millennials already have a side hustle to make money. Baking as a side hustle is a perfect combination of baking interest and profit urge. Therefore, it is like a hobby that also generates an extra income stream for baking hustlers. Indeed, your passion for baking wants you to cook the delicious goods of bakeries. Your dream of being an entrepreneur wants you to be your own boss. That’s why you may deserve a baking side that is a combination of both – business and side hustle.

If you are willing to start a baking hustle, you may want to make money from it! The best way to make money from a side hustle is to treat it like your business. Yes, with a business strategy and plan you can easily start a baking side to generate extra income. There is no doubt that baked food has become the need of everyone. So, you will not have to struggle for customers like other businesses of logistics.

For example, Passion 5 Bakery is a perfect example of a baking. They started as a small bakery side hustle and grew their side hustle into a sustainable bakery business. Similarly, you can also start baking for business once you grow enough to meet all business requirements. Yes, you will have to manage more bakery to fulfill all orders at the time. Many baking businesses leverage bakery boxes wholesale to receive their packaging in bulk at cheap rates.

Follow these simple steps to get started in your baking side hustle:

Initial Settings and Works

At this stage, prepare your bakery side hustle plan and roadmap. With a plan, you can easily understand all the necessary steps you need to take before starting a baking side hustle. These initial settings will help you in all remaining steps of your baking side hustle.

Legal Considerations

Be legally compliant for your baking side hustle, especially if you plan to scale it as a business. You should obtain the necessary permits and licenses. Similarly, you will have to comply with local health department regulations to ensure safety. On the other hand, you can also contract with an insurance company to protect yourself and your company.

Acquire Necessary Equipment

As a baking side hustle owner, you will have to manage different baking equipment. From an oven to a mixer and measuring tools to baking pans, you should acquire all the necessary equipment. Without these equipments, no baking side hustle can be sustained for the long term.

Bakery Menu and Pricing

Lastly, finalize your bakery menu and pricing structure. Both of these correlate a lot with each other. Yes, your set prices depend on bakery menu items. Therefore, it is always wise to plan your baking menu items and prices.  As you look at your side hustle plan, you can pick the most evergreen and low-competition products.

How do you sell baked goods as a side hustle?

You can sell baked goods as a side hustle starting baking side hustle. In a side hustle, you spare some time to cook and sell different baked products. From cookies to pastries and cakes to bread, you can cook different types of baked goods to sell. You can also leverage social media to sell your goods online.

A good side hustle plan can help you get unstuck in your baking side hustle. Prepare a complete roadmap and start selling your baking goods. However, you can improve everything along the way of operations.

How to start a bakery business from home?

Starting a bakery and food business from home is simple and easy. If you can cook bakery products, you just need a working business plan to get started. From developing the necessary menu and pricing structure to managing equipment, you will have to get everything ready before you start a bakery business from home.

As discussed above, you can follow these simple steps to start a bakery business from home. In a bakery business, you treat your baking more like a business. You will have to promote your baking side hustle as a business. Sooner or later, you can scale your home-based side hustle into a business.

How to get a baking license?

To start your baking business, get a federal tax ID number. If you’re a sole proprietor, your social security number might work. You can check your social security number with your state’s business license board. Then, download the bakery license application from your state’s website, fill it out, and pay the fee (usually $100 or less). See if you need other licenses in your state. They will schedule an inspection of your place, and if you pass, you get your bakery license. Remember, having a license keeps you and your customers safe as a small bakery business owner.


You need a working side hustle plan, if you are willing to start a baking side hustle. Unlike other businesses, a side hustle is more like a modern form of your hobby. In a baking side hustle, you will have to manage necessary equipment, legal documents, and a promotion plan to make money from your startup. As discussed above, you can follow these simple steps to start and scale your baking side hustle as a business.

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