Things to Know About Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat

Have there been times when work gets so stressful and overwhelming that you simply wish to put everything on hold? Or do you go through moments when you are weighed down and you simply want something, which will help to blast away your blues? Or trying to treat an illness without the use of potentially harmful chemicals? 

A pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat is one of the advanced hi-tech innovations that can help you in such cases. 

In this guide, we will walk you through everything that is to know about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy mat.

What is PEMF?

PEMF is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic field.  Lightning strikes around the earth create low frequency electromagnetic waves. These flashes of lightning happen about 50 times a second and create  magnetic  waves that entend around our planet and go up to 60 miles in the ionoshphere These wave, often called Schumann Resonances, recharge the bodies cells that aid in the natural healing capabilities our our body.

Pulse electromagnetic therapy mat mimics these electromagnetic waves and sends these in bursts in various frequencies throughout the body to fortify its cells that can refresh and heal 

Reasons to Use PEMF

If you buy an electromagnetic mat, you can enjoy it’s many benefits. As a matter of fact, NASA has used the technology to keep its astronauts healthy while they are in space, away for the earth’s low-frequency resonance Here are some of the benefits of PEMF. 

  1. Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

The magnetic energy waves from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provoke your cells with electricity causing them to behave differently. Similar to recharging small batteries, it rejuvenates the functions of the cells. Research has shown that PEMF can efficaciously reduce stiffness and pain, heal wounds, treat lower back pain, and restore healthy bones. From enabling patients to deal with chronic pain to reducing muscle soreness from workouts, PEMF can help people recover quicker. 

  1. Improves Sleep

When our biological rhythm that manages sleep and other brain and body activities are disturbed, you can find it difficult to sleep. PEMF helps in harmonizing disturbed brain wave patterns. Thus, your body can be lulled to sleep. 

  1. Re-Energizes You Through Full-Body Reset

PEMF therapy raises vibrations in the body and recharges your aching and tired body. The PEMF waves penetrate into your tissues and muscles deeply to boost the natural rejuvenating and restorative powers of the body. This, in turn, improves cellular health. Additionally, the magnetic waves facilitate increased blood circulation, ensuring the delivery of essential nutrients and energy to rejuvenate your body into a vibrant state.

Why Should You Get a PEMF Mat?

In case this is the first time you have thought of integrating a PEMF mat into your self-care routine, you might not know where to start. Having a PEMF mat as your first-ever PEMF device comes with many advantages. 

Firstly, the mat is easy to set up. You just have to lay it on the floor and lie down on it. A good quality PEMF mat comes with adjustable controllers for the timer and heat settings. Thus, you don’t have to keep checking the clock. Moreover, PEMF mats are all-purpose. Hence, you can use it for meditation, post-workout stretching, and light exercises. 

When you are done, cleaning up the match is a cinch. All you have to do is use antibacterial wipes and the mat is all good to go for the next session. 

Another big benefit of using PEMF is that you can simply fold them up and take them anywhere you want. Moreover, since PEMF’s electromagnetic waves are very safe, you can simply lie down and relax on the mat for as long as you want. 

Intensities and Frequencies of PEMF Mats

Frequency refers to the total waves passing by a particular point each second and intensity is about how big each wave is. The intensity and frequency of wavelengths have an impact on the effectiveness of the PEMF mat. 

Utilizing low-frequency waves, PEMF therapy penetrates your skin, reaching muscles and tissues without altering or harming them. As these waves traverse, they prompt your body’s self-healing mechanisms. However, prolonged exposure to high-frequency radiation, such as that emitted by microwave ovens, can potentially harm cells.

Simultaneously, optimal benefits from PEMF treatments are derived when the intensity is in the medium to high range. I recommend between 1 and 3 gauss. If the intensity is too low, it implies that the magnetic waves may not effectively reach your tissues and muscles at the cellular level.

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