Remedy for Baby Teething Pain

As the child grows, every part of their teeth undergoes development. Similarly, the teeth as well. The process is referred to as teething. But do you know that infants who are experiencing teething get terrible pain in the jaws and other parts of the mouth, which leads to discomfort?

So, if you are thinking of eradicating the things as well as the discomfort, you must take proper steps to prevent your baby from the pain as well. So here I have shared some of the best tips that may help your baby to relieve your baby. But how you may be thinking, right? Here, I will share some remedies for baby teeth pain you need to know.

Please read the blog to know more about teething, its effects on your child, and the suitable remedy for it.

What is Teething?

Teething is when your child’s teeth emerge during their overall body development. It is a phase where the teeth start emerging from the child’s gum line. The teething process is also known as odontasis and differs for every child.

It might start early for some children, whereas it may take late for some. 

For children, the teeth erupt between 6 and 8 months. You can take your child to the best pediatric dentists in Chennai or near you in case of excessive pain and discomfort. 

What are the symptoms of teething?

Your child might witness all these symptoms if they start teething;

  • If your baby is suffering from swollen and tender gums, it shows that they are teeth. 
  • Feeling irritated, easily annoyed, or crying are some signs that babies show when they are teething. 
  • A slight temperature rise is also one of the signs and symptoms of teething.
  • An urge to chew on, gnaw on, or want to chew on hard things is also a sign of teething.
  • Continuous drooling from the mouth non-stop is also a sign of teething in babies.
  • Coughing, rubbing their cheeks, and pulling their ear signify teething.
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns in children.

The following are some signs indicating that the child is teething.

What is the procedure for teething?

Usually, the teething process is different in every baby, depending upon the baby’s family history. However, for most babies, the lower and the front teeth emerge first between 6-10 months of age. They were followed by two teeth on the top and the other two on either side of those between 8-13 months of age.

After that, two on either side of the bottom teeth emerge, and the first molars emerge between the ages of 10-16 months in a child. When the molars are out of the teeth, the first molars follow, and the back molars come at the last.

As said earlier, the procedure of teething in children depends on the child’s growth and development and also differs based on the child’s health and family history.

Suggest some effective remedies for baby teething pain.

Chilled Teething Toys:

Chilled teething toys are one of the best things that can be handed over to the kids during teething. It will help relieve them from the soothing effect on the sore gums. Ice packs are also one of the best substitutes for aching pain, up to a certain extent. 

Clean Washcloth:

Squeeze a cloth, refrigerate it, and place it under your baby’s jaws, as it will help reduce and comfort the pain. The cold pack formula not only gives relief from the pain but also gives a soothing feeling from the pain. Hence, it is a helpful trick to reduce the pain and discomfort in the child’s dental health. 


Give your baby a gentle massage over their gums, softy with your fingers. See that you do not apply more pressure but do it softly, as it might harm your child’s gums. 

Cold Foods:

The most important tip is to try feeding your child cold foods, like yogurt or applesauce, that might relieve them from the pain and also remove all the discomfort. Choosing cold foods is one of the best options and helps heal faster.


Offer your baby a cold pacifier that will relieve them and show them that they are clean enough and safe. They also help reduce the discomfort and are the best ways to relieve your child from the pain and discomfort. 

Pain-Relief Gels:

Some over-the-counter medications, gels, or infant ointments can be applied to your baby’s gums. Follow the product’s instructions and consult your pediatrician before using such medicines on your teeth.

Cuddles and Comforts:

Offering comfort and soothing your baby can go a long way in helping them cope with teething pain. During teething, children become excessively annoyed and irritable; to avoid that, you can give your child some cuddles and comforts as a part of vital care.

Dry Face: 

Excess drooling is common during teething. Ensure that your baby’s face stays dry to prevent skin irritation and chances of specific allergies. For keeping your child’s face dry, use a clean towel, always tied with your child’s clothes, to ensure that your child’s face remains dry and clean.

Stay Calm:

Babies can pick up on your stress or anxiety. Staying calm and providing a reassuring presence can help them feel more at ease. Do not scold or get annoyed during your baby’s teething period, as this is a phase where they need you the most as a parent. Hence, try staying calm with your baby.

Hence, the following are specific remedies to help your child overcome the discomforts during teething.

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