Putnam Walk-In: Convenient and Versatile Storage Solution

Are you in need of extra storage space or a refrigeration solution that is both convenient and versatile? Look no further than a Putnam walk in! Whether you’re in the healthcare industry, food service, or any other business requiring additional storage, a Putnam walk-in offers a cost-effective and efficient solution.

What is a Putnam Walk-In?

A Putnam walk-in is a modular storage unit designed to provide additional space for various industries. It offers the convenience of easy installation and can be customized to suit specific needs. These walk-ins are available in different types and sizes, allowing businesses to choose the perfect fit for their requirements.

Advantages of Putnam Walk-Ins

When it comes to storage solutions, Putnam walk ins have several advantages that make them stand out from traditional construction methods. Firstly, their modular nature provides flexibility, allowing for easy expansion or relocation as your business needs change. Unlike permanent structures, Putnam walk-ins can be assembled quickly, saving both time and money.

Applications of Putnam Walk-Ins

Putnam walk-ins find applications in various industries, including healthcare, food service, and pharmaceuticals. In healthcare facilities, these walk-ins are used for storing medical supplies and equipment, ensuring accessibility and organization. The food industry benefits from refrigerated Putnam walk-ins, which maintain optimal temperatures for storing perishable items.

Features and Customization Options

Putnam walk-ins come with a range of features and customization options. These can include adjustable shelving, temperature control systems, and access ramps. Additionally, businesses can choose the dimensions and layout that best suit their needs. Energy efficiency is another important feature, with Putnam walk-ins designed to minimize power consumption.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing a Putnam walk-in is a straightforward process. With the help of a professional installer, you can have your walk-in up and running in no time. It is important to follow the provided instructions and ensure proper ventilation to maintain the longevity and functionality of the unit. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspecting seals, is crucial to avoid any issues.

Safety and Compliance

Putnam walk-ins are built with safety in mind. They meet industry safety standards and comply with regulations to ensure the well-being of users. Safety features may include non-slip flooring, fire-resistant materials, and secure locking systems. By utilizing a Putnam walk-in, businesses can create a safer working environment for their employees.

Choosing the Right Putnam Walk-In

Selecting the right Putnam walk-in requires careful consideration. Determining the required size, features, and customization options is essential. Consulting with experts in the field can provide valuable insights and help identify the most suitable walk-in for your business. Considering specific industry requirements is also important to ensure optimal functionality.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers:

  1. John from XYZ Hospital: “The Putnam walk-in has made storing our medical supplies so much easier. It’s convenient, spacious, and helps keep everything organized.”
  2. Sarah from ABC Restaurant: “We love our refrigerated Putnam walk-in. It keeps our perishable ingredients fresh and easily accessible. Highly recommended!”


In conclusion, a Putnam walk-in offers a versatile and convenient storage solution for businesses across various industries. With their ease of installation, flexibility, and customizable features, these walk-ins are a cost-effective choice. Whether you need additional storage for medical supplies, food products, or other items, a Putnam walk-in provides the space and functionality you require.


  1. Can I customize the size and features of a Putnam walk-in?
    • Yes, Putnam walk-ins offer customization options for size, features, and layout. You can work with a provider to tailor the walk-in to your specific needs.
  2. Are Putnam walk-ins energy-efficient?
    • Yes, Putnam walk-ins are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They incorporate insulation and energy-saving features to minimize power consumption.
  3. What kind of warranty is provided for Putnam walk-ins?
    • The warranty coverage for Putnam walk-ins may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model. It is advisable to check with the provider for detailed warranty information.
  4. Can I relocate a Putnam walk-in if needed?
    • Yes, one of the advantages of Putnam walk-ins is their portability. They can be disassembled and relocated to a different location if necessary.

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