How Big is the US Bakery Industry?

The demand for baked products has always been high in the US. Even the compound annual growth (CAGR) of bakeries is 4.45% alone in North America. According to an estimation, the market size may cross 158 billion dollars by 2032. So, if you wonder about the boom and market size of the bakery enterprise, the calculations show how big this industry can be. Plus, in case you are planning to begin a bakery industry, I will assist you in figuring out the most essential areas of a bakery startup. From bakery earnings to one-of-a-kind sorts of bakeries, you may learn the entirety you need to recognize about the bakery enterprise.

Let’s begin with the history of the bakery industry!

History of the Bakery Industry

Baking is like a historical artwork show it’s been around for ages. From again while the Egyptians and Greeks were doing their thing to medieval folks baking fancy treats, it has been a real adventure. Then, medieval bakers have been like dessert artists for rich human beings. Even in colonial, the United States had a community baking aspect going on.

The commercial revolution in the 19th century delivered us steam-powered ovens. And talking of cake, the nineteenth century also birthed the present-day cake as we are aware of it nowadays. In the 20th century, bakeries started whipping up pastries, croissants, and all kinds of deliciousness. 

Today, bakeries are everywhere, making conventional bread and crazy cakes. Further, hundreds of new baking merchandise have taken the beginning. Even more, the bakery industry has grown to be one of the top-appearing industries in the world. Bakery proprietors are trading baked merchandise worldwide and use all precautions to make their bakeries unique. As an example, there was no concept of such top-rate packaging as custom pastry boxes a century ago. Today, these great boxes are a useful source for bakeries to get the luxury experience from those baked foods.

How many bakeries are in the US?

As of 2022, there are more than 8700 bakeries inside the US.  The bakery cafe enterprise has been growing at a rate of 0.7% since 2021. As the bakery enterprise is growing day by day, you may anticipate more than 10000 bakeries within a short time period. The growing boom of the bakery commercial enterprise indicates that bakery merchandise is in excessive demand in the US.

Is the bakery business profitable in the USA?

Bakery earnings margin tiers between 5% to 15% in the maximum instances. Unlike other food industries, this profit margin is a good percentage to benefit from a bakery. However, the income variety of bakeries varies following exclusive events and seasons. Usually, this excessive margin earnings is greater in small bakery points.

20 types of bakery products

Hundreds of bakery products have emerged with the rising demand for different flavors. So, you can pick any type of product to customize according to your needs. Here, I have listed 20 of the most common types of bakery products available in the bakery industry.

1. Bread:

  Made from basic components like flour, water, yeast, and salt, it is available in diverse forms.

2. Baguette:

   A French conventional, the baguette is a protracted, crispy bread with a soft interior. It is best for sandwiches and is loved at the global level.

3. Croissant:

   Hailing from France, croissants are flaky, buttery pastries. Whether simple or crammed, they may be a lovely breakfast or snack.

4. Scone:

   It is a British product with a crumbly and soft appearance. Experience the candy or savory, frequently paired with cream and jam for tea time.

5. Danish Pastry:

   Originating in Denmark, these pastries are flaky with diverse fillings like fruit jams or custard. A scrumptious desire for breakfast or dessert.

6. Muffin:

   Medium-sized and quick to bake, muffins come from candy or savory. Muffins are best for a flexible snack or breakfast.

7. Donut:

   Donuts, or doughnuts, are candy treats in various shapes and flavors. They are also perfect for breakfast or a delectable snack.

8. Bagel:

   With a specific chewy texture, bagels come plain or flavored. Generally loved with toppings like cream cheese or deli meats.

9. Pretzel:

   Pretzels are twisted, salty snacks with a simple dough of flour, water, yeast, and salt. Smooth or crunchy, they may be a popular savory treat.

10. Brioche:

    A French bread enriched with butter and eggs, brioche is tender and slightly candy. Flexible for each sweet and savory dish.

11. Ciabatta:

    An Italian bread with a rustic appearance and open-textured crumb, ciabatta is perfect for sandwiches or served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

12. Cupcake:

    Miniature cakes with various flavors and toppings, and cupcakes are portable and exquisite candy treats for any party.

13. Tart:

    Tarts are pastry crusts packed with sweet or savory substances, making them a flexible alternative for desserts or appetizers.

14. Eclair:

    French eclairs are elongated pastries full of cream and crowned with icing, offering a complicated dessert with a sensitive stability of flavors.

15. Cookie:

    Sweet, baked treats with endless versions, cookies are a favorite for snacks, desserts, or homemade presents.

16. Brownie:

    Dense and fudgy, brownies are chocolate squares frequently proposing nuts or caramel swirls. A rich and indulgent dessert preference.

17. Cinnamon Roll:

    They are spiral-formed pastries packed with cinnamon, sugar, and butter. Cinnamon rolls are a pleasing breakfast or snack crowned with icing.

18. Pita Bread:

    Round, flatbreads with a pocket, pita is best for stuffing with numerous substances or serving as a flexible wrap.

19. Pancake:

    Thin and flat desserts made from an easy batter, pancakes are a breakfast traditional. They are loved with toppings like syrup or fruit.

20. Waffle:

    Textured grid-patterned cakes made from batter, waffles have a crisp outdoors and a fluffy indoors. Normally served with toppings like syrup or fruit.

Bottom Line

The US bakery industry is one of the top-growing industries in the world. The growth rate of more than 4% indicates a high demand for bakery products in the US. If you are planning to start a bakery business, this industry is worth trying. As discussed above, I have mentioned the top 20 bakery products which are always in demand. You can pick any of these high-demand products to start your bakery shop. Later, you can increase the number of bakery products based on the demand and supply ratio you achieve.

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