Here Is How You Should Preserve Your Japanese Artwork Collection 

If you love to collect art pieces and you are a regular investor in one-of-a-kind artwork, then you will understand the importance of preserving and caring for these delicate pieces. Art investors spend millions of dollars on their collection, therefore, it is crucial to preserve these prices for generations to come. 

If you are an art collector, and you have found your interest in Japanese Woodblock Prints, then you should know the proper way to preserve these delicate art pieces. Here are helpful tips that you can follow to care for your expensive collection. 

  1. Ensure Proper Framing

When you buy a woodblock print, you should consider placing it in the appropriate frames to ensure its protection from the environment. You should invest in acid-free mats and UV-protected glass frames to make sure that the artwork is not exposed to the external environment. 

Proper framing will protect your collection from discoloration and fading while increasing its value. 

  1. Create A Controlled Environment 

When you have multiple artwork collections in one place, make sure that you are controlling the environment. The roof where you have displayed your collection should have a temperature control system. Excessive heat can damage the woodblock prints.

You should also control humidity and moisture levels in the air. Extreme fluctuations in the temperature can create cracks and warps in the artwork, therefore, ruining the prints. 

  1. Handle Artwork Carefully 

When you are showing your Asian canvas prints to someone, make sure that you are handling them with extreme caution and care. Original artwork can get ruined if you mishandle it.

Make sure that your hands are clean. If you wear cotton gloves, it will be a better choice. Oils and dirt on hands can transfer to the print and cause permanent damage. Hold the prints from the corners to avoid damaging the canvas. 

  1. Prevent Direct Sunlight Exposure 

Direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation can damage the paint by accelerating the fading process. Moreover, direct sunlight can also damage the fibers of the paper and delicate pigments in the paint.

Make sure that you do not expose your artwork collection to direct sunlight for a long time. Keep the collection in their designated frames. Use special lights in the display room as well. 

  1. Ensure Regular Cleaning

You should invest in the proper cleaning tools for your woodblock prints. Use soft and clean brushes to regularly dust the artwork. Make sure that there is no accumulation of dirt or dust on the artwork pieces. 

You should be very gentle while cleaning your collection. Any harsh and sudden strokes or vigorous action can damage the artwork and canvas beneath. 

  1. Invest In Appropriate Storage

You should invest in appropriate storage solutions for your artwork. If you are not displaying them on the wall, you should buy acid-free storage boxes and folders to store the canvas prints. 

Make sure that you do not keep the folders in the attics or basement, or any place where humidity and moisture can increase abruptly. 

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