Exploring the Benefits of Eastern Health Salary Packaging

In today’s competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is a key priority for employers. One way organizations are doing this is by offering attractive employee benefits packages. Eastern Health, a leading healthcare provider, understands the importance of providing enticing benefits to its staff. In this article, we will delve into the world of Eastern Health salary packaging and explore how it can be a game-changer for both the organization and its employees.

Understanding Eastern Health

Before we dive into the specifics of salary packaging, let’s take a moment to understand Eastern Health. This healthcare giant is dedicated to providing high-quality care to the Eastern region. With a focus on patient well-being, Eastern Health has established itself as a leader in the healthcare industry.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary packaging, also known as salary sacrifice, is an arrangement where employees can receive a portion of their salary in the form of non-cash benefits. These benefits can include things like a car, additional superannuation contributions, or even education expenses. Eastern Health offers a comprehensive salary packaging program to its employees, allowing them to customize their benefits according to their needs.

The Benefits of Eastern Health Salary Packaging

1. Tax Savings

One of the most significant advantages of salary packaging is the potential for tax savings. When employees choose to receive benefits in kind rather than as cash, they can reduce their taxable income. This means more money in their pockets and less to pay in taxes.

2. Increased Take-Home Pay

Eastern Health’s salary packaging program can lead to a substantial increase in an employee’s take-home pay. By structuring their package effectively, employees can enjoy more disposable income, providing financial peace of mind.

3. Diverse Benefit Options

Eastern Health offers a wide range of benefits for its employees to choose from. Whether it’s a novated lease for a car, payment of utility bills, or contributions to their superannuation fund, employees have the flexibility to select the benefits that align with their lifestyle and financial goals.

4. Competitive Advantage

For Eastern Health, offering an attractive salary packaging program is a way to stand out in the job market. It helps in recruiting top talent and retaining experienced professionals. A robust benefits package can be a decisive factor for potential candidates when choosing their employer.

How to Get Started with Eastern Health Salary Packaging

Getting started with Eastern Health’s salary packaging program is simple. Employees need to consult with the HR department to understand the options available and create a customized package that suits their needs. It’s a personalized approach to employee benefits.


Eastern Health’s commitment to its employees goes beyond healthcare services. The organization recognizes the importance of providing financial well-being to its staff. Through its salary packaging program, Eastern Health empowers its employees to take control of their finances while enjoying a range of benefits tailored to their preferences.


1. Who is eligible for Eastern Health’s salary packaging program?

Eastern Health’s salary packaging program is typically available to all permanent employees. However, eligibility criteria may vary, so it’s best to check with the HR department for specific details.

2. Can I change my salary packaging preferences during the year?

Yes, you can typically make changes to your salary packaging preferences during the year, but there may be limitations on how often you can do so. It’s advisable to review your package annually to ensure it aligns with your current needs.

3. Are there any limits to the benefits I can include in my salary packaging?

Yes, there are usually limits imposed by tax regulations on the benefits you can include in your salary packaging. These limits can vary from year to year, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest guidelines.

4. Can salary packaging affect my superannuation contributions?

Yes, salary packaging can impact your superannuation contributions. Depending on your package, you may choose to allocate a portion of your salary towards additional superannuation contributions, which can have long-term financial benefits.

5. How do I calculate the tax savings from salary packaging?

Calculating tax savings from salary packaging can be complex, as it depends on various factors, including your salary, the benefits you choose, and your individual tax circumstances. It’s recommended to consult with a financial advisor or tax expert for a precise estimation of your tax savings.

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